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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hey.....I like Adam. Thoughts on Big Brother 13's Adam Poch

I am an Adam supporter. There, I said it. I am an Adam supporter.

Why is there such a lack of respect for Adam from many fans and former houseguests? All you hear is how he rode Jeff’s coattails and that he is a “coward”, and how he doesn’t deserve to be where he is in the game..that he is – get this – “the worst player in Big Brother history” (Guess we’re forgetting the numerous players who did nothing, won nothing and were voted out in the early weeks of the game). He cares enough about the live feed audience to include them in his thoughts and tries to provide some sort of entertainment..even if it is a goofy elf dance. Still he gets put down for all that….being called out for begging for camera time. Why?

Road coattails? With others, its called being part of an alliance. He did what he felt he needed to do week to week. Even Jeff…the one who’s but Adam is accused of having his nose up..never fully trusted him. Jeff didn’t feel that he had any control over Adam or that Adam would do his bidding. He knew that Adam was a free thinking and that, in the end, would do what he felt was best for himself.

A coward? Why? Is it because he isn’t doing exactly what those judging him want him to do? Is this not simply a case of not liking the person who is against the person you like? I think so.

He is the worst player in Big Brother history? Lest we forget: Autumn, Bunky, Justin, Sheryl, Josh, Lori (BB3), Tanya, Amanda (BB4), Michelle (BB4), Lori (BB5), Mike (BB5), Ashlea, Amber, Mike (BB8), Nick, Brian, Angie, Steven, Braden….and those are just the obvious ones. These individuals won nothing and did nothing that had any lasting bearing on the game.

There is no set of rules saying how you must play to get to the end. The object is to just get there..period. He has done that. He has voted independently during the whole game. He has had the deciding vote, multiple times during the game. His vote was instrumental in taking out both Dani and Brendon; two of the supposedly strong players. These vets he supposedly followed to the end are the same group he voted against the first week.

As far as his antics for the camera… So many feed watchers bitch and moan about all of the boring moments they spend watching online. There are complaints about how long some people they hate watching them play pool..or laying out in the sun. Along comes somebody who cares about trying to be entertaining for the feed watchers and he gets lambasted for it. How does that make sense. Maybe you don’t personally find him funny or entertaining…at least give him credit for trying.

I enjoyed his thought sharing talks with the live feeders. It seems that no other houseguest is allowed to talk to the feeders without risk of being called an ED wannabe. Although Dick’s messages to the feeders were fun to watch, it didn’t give him a license to be the only houseguest to do so. It is such a natural thing to do…nothing anyone can claim rights to. Most of Adams thoughts were strategy related. That’s refreshing.

Adam may not win. He may find himself in the Final 2 with someone who he can’t get the votes against. He may find himself going out in the Final 3. That has happened before and it will happen again. If it does happen, at least he can say he did it his way.

This has not been thoroughly edited or revised. Just the thoughts off the top of my head.