Cast of Big Brother 20

Cast of Big Brother 20
Cast of Big Brother 20

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Please Listen

Ether Wave - Spring on the Teeth

Hello fellow Big Brother fans,

My son's music.  If you can spare  50 cents, please show your support.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vote Kryssie as this week's America's Nominee!!!!

Voting opens soon for selecting this week's America's Nominee.

Let's give it to Kryssie this week!!!  Voting opens at 11 Eastern / 8 Pacific


Friday, October 28, 2016

Care Package Awarded - Vote for this week's Have Nots!!

Shelby was awarded today's controversial America's Care Package.  This gives her the ability to cancel out 3 eviction votes during next week's eviction ceremony.

Voting is now on for the next group of Have Nots.  Personally, I voted Kryssie / Justin / Morgan


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Vote Again for America's Care Package!!!!

If you voted earlier on CBS for this week's America's Care Package, you'll need to go vote again.  When they set it up, they had Alex as an eligible house guest.  She won it last we all know she shouldn't be.  They took all votes back to zero and started again.

Vote Shelby!!  I feel that Shelby was way ahead in the votes.  I only hope everyone votes again.

Please head over to CBS and Vote Now!!!!

Vote Shelby for this week's Care Package from Big Brother Over the Top!!!

Hello all.  I'm here to declare my support for awarding the care package to Shelby.  Of course, I say this because it helps those in the house I secret there.  I'll go with putting Kryssie or Jason on the block and, hopefully, being evicted.  This care package can make that happen.

Good Day and Good Watching!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I'm voting to evict Neeley on Big Brother Over the Top

Voting begins today on the next eviction.  I'll be voting to evict Neeley.  America voted to nominate her and now I feel we should vote to evict her.  If you're looking for the game to be interesting and played by people who know the game and enjoy the game...regardless of how much they may get on your nerves....there is really no choice between the two.

Keep Scott!  Vote to evict Neeley!!  

Friday, October 21, 2016

Big Brother Over the Top Care Package: Vote Alex!!!

Hello all!   Are you enjoying the 1st season of BBOTT?  Want to get involved?  If you haven't already done so, please go to the BBOTT page on CBS and vote to award this week's Care Package to Alex!

I feel Alex is a true game player and it is important to keep the true players in the game.  There aren't too many of them in the house, so please help to keep her in!


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big Brother 15 - Impressions after 1st weekend

We're drawing near the end of the 1st weekend in the Big Brother 15 house. As we ready ourselves for the first real episode I thought I'd take a moment and give my impressions of each houseguest.  I could go further on each, but I'm just offering my current impressions. A lot of both social and game play will change after the first eviction.  More solid lines will be drawn and each will be more sure about where they stand in the house.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Aaryn had a lot of fans going into the show.  I think that number is starting to dwindle. She has shown herself to have fits of paranoia...tries to show total control over "her man" David...Made racist and/or demeaning comments towards Candice/Helen/Andy...and they keep coming.  She has become a favorite target to attack on social media and that is quite understandable.  The plan is for her showmance David to be voted out Wednesday night. Depending on her level of knowledge of this vote, we could be in for an eviction for the ages. She has also made a target of herself.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Amanda has attached herself to McCrae and his HoH reign. Only time will tell if her allegiance stays with him after he no longer has power. An extra twist has been thrown into their relationship after a couple of nights of making out.  Some say more happened, but I usually go to another feed when that starts. She isn't one to keep her opinions to herself and that may be her downfall. She is tolerable in short bursts, but can quickly wear out her welcome in any room.  She could be an early target if the cards fall right, but she will probably be around for a few weeks.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Going in, I didn't know what to make of Andy. Still don't. He can be a fun guy to watch. He uses his sense of humor well, but how hard he is really willing to play the game is yet to be seen. This week will be important for Andy. He has drawn the attention from Jeremy & Aaryn and they both mentioned that he would be on their target list should they become HoH. Andy will either rise to the occasion or crumble completely. For the record-When the HGs were talking about parents watching the feeds and Andy jokingly said "Fuck you, Mom"! He won me over.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Candice seems to have irritated a few in the house, but she hasn't really gotten great amounts of feed time.  She seems to be quite eager to get in the middle of some house drama.  She is bordering between the "older" group and the "younger" group.  Some of the girls have tired of her and she has been mentioned as a target by many others.  The feel she is someone safe to target with little or no repercussions.  Candice will have to make a stand quickly before she just becomes nomination meat for whoever may win HoH.

CBS Interactive Inc.

David is out the door this week.  He made it an easy decision.  He will just lie there and take it.  He let Aaryn grab him by his balls and control his time in the Big Brother house.  If he really cared about being in the house, he will come to regret his showmance in the very near future.  Either way, he is going to get plenty of attention following his changing into his swim trunks for all to see.   And they did see all.  He has referred to Candice as "Black Candice" today.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Elissa came in the door with everything going for her.  Elissa came in the door with everything going against her. There was little doubt that she would be the first MVP. Some think she will be MVP again and again.  Personally, I think it will go to someone else...but it has been deemed that she can be "weaponized" and the MVP used as an extra weapon by the 8-person alliance that has joined to save her.  It will be interesting to see how Elissa works with everyone after this week.  They have to let her get the chip off her shoulder and play the game.

CBS Interactive Inc.

GinaMarie is certainly a bundle of energy. She has a dynamic personality and is quick to grab her attention.  I suppose that is why she was an early favorite.  Once I got to see more of her, she has fallen down that list a bit.  She is pretty crass and quite uncouth.  That is fun at times, but when you see it in certain moments, it is simpler to see that it is who she is.  She is quick to defend Aaryn's insulting comments and has come out with many of her own.  She'll have a bit to answer for by the live feeders.  She should be gone midway.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Helen is the older generation in the house.  While she doesn't mix well with everyone, she does mix well with everyone.  If she gets to talking she won't shut up.  That can be both entertaining and nerve-wracking.  I think that Helen's downfall will be letting too much info out to the wrong person at the wrong time.  She has become a target of Beiber Fever and will be an easy target on one of those weeks where the strong target gets themselves off the block.  She is hot.

CBS Interactive Inc.

I'm not getting much from Howard.  He is a very friendly guy and his Bible has become his closest companion in the game. He prays with other houseguests and is always there to offer his support and words of reassurance. Along the way, he has aligned himself with some strong players. His social game is very strong.  If the alliances hold out, he will do well for himself, though I think that the week will come when Howard will be sitting there as an easy target in the perfect situation and he will go.

CBS Interactive Inc.

I can't find a lot I like about Jeremy. Though there are some moments when he is talking with the right person that I can see some redeeming qualities but that isn't very often. He has professed to sleeping with one of his best friends' mother the night before he came in the Big Brother house..he has bragged about his moments with Kaitlin in a pretty derogatory fashion. He has declared himself the ultimate competitor, yet he knows nothing about the game. Many will rejoice when Jeremy gets his.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Coming in, Jessie was the self-described wild-child of the Big Brother house.  I think that when Jeremy chose Kaitlin over her, she had to rethink how she was going to approach her time in the house.  She has laid lower the last couple of days and is thinking more about the game than about the guys.  If she lays low and doesn't commit too strongly to either side, Jessie could be the wild-child turned wild-card for the season.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Judd.  He spends his time wandering the house in a state of paranoia. After this weeks' vote, he will have to choose a side.  He is safely hidden in his large alliance for a few weeks and shouldn't be a main target, but he is another who will be there like a sitting duck when a main target gets themselves off the block.  He has been hampered by the live of a have-not, so I hope a week of food will give Judd a chance to show his personality.  I'd like to get a couple of beers into him and see how he can entertain us.

CBS Interactive Inc.

I was way off on Kaitlin.  Her pre-show interviews made her appear to think she was above the game and I thought she would be standoffish.  She jumped into a showmance and has shown herself as one there to have a good time, but not one to really worry about her self-respect in the process.  A little making out is fine...but other comments and stories don't give me a lot to like about Kaitlin.  She could be a great girl...but I haven't seen it.  She's tacky.

CBS Interactive Inc.

I think McCrae is playing an excellent game.  Aside from his recent making out sessions with Amanda, he has kept his head in the game.  He has aligned with people from all sides of the house.  He knows how to edit himself depending on who he is talking to.  He has his ducks in a row.  His HoH reign is ending with those from both sides saying they need to protect him.  If he can step back and blend in after being the first HoH, he will be around for a while.  He has shown his ability to win in comps and deal with all others in an agreeable way.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Coming in, I thought Nick was going to be a real prick.  He seemed to think he knew it all and was going to skate through this season.  Then he comes into the house and disappears.  If his strategy of setting up alliances and then going "radio silent" work for him, he will be known as a great player.  If his oddness because of this is what the other houseguests get from him, he won't be long for the game.  I think he has this game won, in his own head.  He is certainly in the game to play.  I'll give him that.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Spencer is the good old boy that everyone seems to love.  Some of his comments haven't gone over well with many feed watchers, but they have been said in a joking manner and usually to the face of the you can be the judge as to whether or not this differs from Aaryns comments.  Spencer has formed several strong alliances, and has set himself up to go far in the game.  If he can keep straddling the lines and playing a strong social game, he will be around for quite a while. an obvious strong target..the right HoH at the right time could zap him.

CBS Interactive Inc.

So, those are my the top of my head and with probably not enough forethought.  Just as my opinions changed within days of the feeds beginning, I'm sure they will change again.

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