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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Big Brother 10 - .....and the game begins....

As reported by RealityBBQ, the houseguests have made their way into the BB10 House and the games have begun. Submitted by Plumb, and contributed to CornerOfficeX, the story goes like this:

Thanks to information supplied once again by CornerOffice X, the houseguests moved into the house last night (July 8th).

"The HG entered the house a little before 6pm tonight. Julie Chen wore this beautiful red dress. She looked outstanding!

Before entering the house, the HG voted on HoH based strictly on looks. You might be surprised who they chose. There was some confusion about the beds. For an hour, Jerry was going to be sleeping in the Spa Room. He ended up in the Punk Room with Jessie and Brian.

Memphis found a coon skin "Davey Crockett" hat and put it on immediately. Great first impression.

Angie asserted herself early. She's definitely an alpha female.

Everyone wanted Jerry to do the toast and he didn't disappoint. He has endeared himself to 99% of the others.

Steven didn't reveal he was gay to everyone.

BB9 Jen's memory wall picture crying fit was mocked.

Angie is the only smoker and Steve chews Copenhagen

Jessie will be the trainer of the house and they are planning on getting up early to work out. We're taking bets on how long that will last.

April and Libra bonded and are suspicious of Renny.

This early in the game, it's Libra, Renny, and Brian who are "the cool kids". Typical first night in the BB house where everyone loves each other. Day 2 will be another story.

This by far is one of the best casts Big Brother has ever had. But you don't have to take my word for it. You'll see." CornerOfficeX

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CheezyDoDo said...

Good News Quriky.Keep up the good work.I cant wait for this season

Quirkydude said...

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you around.

Anonymous said...'s "igotoeleven" from youtube
Just wanted to let you know that i have been here and left comments for each houseguest.

Anonymous said...

The war is on !!! Go get'em Jerry !!

sandy said...

thanks for the info..I cant wait!