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Friday, June 28, 2013

Big Brother Update - Spoilers Included

We've had a couple of days of live feeds, so its time for an update on what's happening in the Big Brother house.

 As was witnessed on Episode 1, McCrae is the first HoH of the season. His nominations were Jessie & Candace

 Seems the first MVP is Elissa. Her nomination was David. T

he first POV comp was a messy honey type comp that saw McCrae come out as the victor. David says he threw the comp.  His showmance Aaryn is very paranoid about being put up as the replacement nominee by the MVP if David won the PoV and took himself off. She doesn't even want him talking to Elissa.

 Elissa isn't a favorite in the house..especially with the other girls. I can't help but think that production is going to do everything they can to keep her in the house.

 Elsewhere...Kaitlin and Jeremy has hooked up. Andy and Spenser have become close. Amanda is all up in McCrae's ass. A big majority of the house want McCrae to use the PoV and put up Elissa. He is forced into a corner and almost has to do it. He is hinting that he wouldn't mind if David was voted out instead. Should be a fun weekend. If you want to watch yourself, please click the banner below and get your feeds now! Thanks!! CBS Interactive Inc.