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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big Brother 15 - Saturday Morning Update

Here it is...without wasting your time.

David is pretty much a goner.  The PoV ceremony is today.  The plan is for McCrae to take down Canice (or Jessie) and put up Elissa in her place.  But...there is a new move to keep Elissa in the house.  Spencer, Andy, Amanda, Judd, Helen & Howard plan to vote David out.   Nick probably will too...but not as part of this alliance...but as part of his other alliance with Howard, Jeremy, McCrae and Judd.

Either is likely that David is a goner.

Aaryn will flip out.   She has proven to be one paranoid chick and with David gone, she will have nobody to cater to her.   It will be a beautiful thing to watch.  I only hope that she doesn't get wind of it before it happens.  That is the way things usually fall in the Big Brother house, but I hope we have a true blindside.

Because 12 will be voting, there is a possibility of a tie...but I think it will be  7-5 for David to go.  Possibly 8-4 if Jeremy goes with it behind the scenes.

Wednesday can't come soon enough!

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